27 November, 2010


Let me say right here that what is to follow is nowhere near what we had ten minutes ago. My formerly favorite niece Lurleen, took the Captain's chair to post this missive, complete with pictures and claims she hit the wrong button, but the forensic computer experts tracked the key strokes and let me just say, the record speaks for itself. Let's try this again...

We are taking a break from the lavish preparations for Shlomo's birthday tomorrow, to bring you up to date on the Winter Meetings. First things first.

The 2011 SLA World Championships will be contested at the George and Zita World Headquarters on July 16, 2011!!!!

This should give all of you enough time to come up with all the excuses you need. Whether its Zazu's wedding, Uncle Clyde's funeral or once again that we just screwed up the date. Now on to other important matters.

In new bidness, new shitters were approved by a close vote. They will be similar to those featured at "The Wedding". For those of you interested, the actual yeas and nays of the roll call will be posted on "YOUR" website at stoopball.ning.com. Another issue discussed was the cheating by some teams (or should we say the misinterpretation of the structures that we call Stoopball) (Sandy, they're killin' me with this pc shit). The Chicago Stoops, the Alaskan Hounds (nee the Tucson Chiefs), Bingo Bongo, E3 & DJ, and No Glove No Love, will be spoken to by the Commissioner and be given a firm finger wagging, as he beseeches them to ship up or shape out or is it shape up or ship out ...

There was also discussion about reparations for some teams about something, but Commissioner Craig will to talk to them about something or other, if he remembers. And while he's on that, there was some discussion under new business about 5 minute rules .... and 12 year old rules... more to come as things develop, or we remember.

Once again, Eddie, Craig and Tom are hard at work on the calendar. They would like to thank Maryann for sending pictures and ask that everyone else email Tom, Eddie and Craig (yes, all three) with any pictures so that we can continue to lead the world in the calendar's fine production quality and cutesy bullshit. Also, kids/family/major leagues was discussed, must not have been too important, can't remember.

In concession news, it was decided that we will subcontract all concessions, freeing the old fogies (of course not Chris, Sandy or John) but the other old fogies, to spend more time with their kids, grandkids, and loved ones and abound in the frivolity that has come to be known as stoopball. Anywho........... at "The Wedding" Shlomo and Joe used 605, caterers to the stars. I felt they were a little high brow for us and tres expensive, but ... OMG, 605 has a wholly-owned subsidiary, Candelight Catering, that handles the more pedestrian events and we are nothing if not pedestrian. They have the event specs and will be submitting a bid soon. Also, Tom says he has a guy... so we got that goin' for us.

That should about do it for now. Keep checking "YOUR" website (for those of you idjits who forgot -- stoopball.ning.com) for breaking news and league developments...... FATMAN...OUT! And now for some pictures to remind you what was, what is and what will be...

What was -- Forever gone and hopefully forgotten

What is -- old friends sat on the park bench like bookends

What will be -- I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape – the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.
- Andrew Wyeth

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Comment by Michele Erikson on December 27, 2010 at 9:16am
The E3 crew can't wait!!  We were holding our breath on the 2011 date as a Must-Attend Family Reunion in MN was set for July 23.  No mess up on the dates this year on your part so don't take any shit from anybody!  Pfewwwww!  I think that 5 minute rule is on us - late for the opening game.  We are ready to defend our position.  A quick trip back home to Beloit to use a real shitter....  Another good decision on your part to get the newer model for next year.  Or was that a trip to Wal-mart?

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