8 November, 2011



The stately Tamaraack Pines have begun to turn the most beautiful yellow brown you can imagine. This is when we know autumn is here. All the other trees except the willow have shed their leaves, the grass is still green but winter is slowly turning the corner and coming up Main St
It’s rainy and cold here at World Headquarters. As November begins it’s blustery beat down, we are trying to complete the last of this season’s improvements to our campus. Craig hopes to have some new pictures up on the web thing, stoopball.ning.com, so you folks can see what we are working on for you. We have completed tearing down and rebuilding the backstops on Chance Field and Tammie Tigger Park. We increased the size around 30%. We’re hoping the larger area will keep more balls from going into the crowd and also, it gives us more space to sell for advertizing!!!!!! (Works on 2 levels!) Aaron and I hope to get Donnelly Field done before spring. We’ve also taken down the box elder tree in the middle of the pavilion next to the pond.
Before you green peacers get all bent out of shape, it WAS ROTTING FROM THE INSIDE. We shredded all the limbs and leaves and spread the mulch and stacked the wood for use at the ceremonial fire for the 2012 Championships.
Winter Meetings and the Ginger Bread Village are just a few weeks away and we look forward to seeing you soon. Also we will be continuing the wall collage on Saturdays throughout the winter. If you have any pictures that you want on the wall please email them to Craig and we’ll get them up. If you have a free Saturday and would like to join the process....we welcome you. We sit around, listen to the Saturday Matinee from the Metropolitan Opera, paste pictures, talk about great Stoopball moments from the past, and share some good food and drink. Life could be a lot worse!
Craig and I are also working on the new Calendar. We’re not sure when we will get it done but we’re on it! Eddie....you know we’re getting help from you.......hey...don’t blame us ‘cause God gave you all the talent!
After a number of complaints we are going back to mailing these letters. I liked the idea of just using email and the web site, stoopball.ning.com, but we’re going old school until you people (first reference to ‘you people’) can get into the 21st century. So we clear cut another forest for paper....don’t worry your pretty little heads, folks.....we’re SPECIAL!
I bid you all much pleasure and happiness. This year as always we have much to be thankful for. As I look out on the campus here in the cold, rainy morning, I thank you for your warmth, joy and love that you share with me. Life is good!


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