3 December, 2011


Well the Winter Meetings have come and gone for another year. No major trades to report as of yet, but there were some a number of conversations about some of the free agents that will be available. Ageless Steve Phelan....who has been playing for the Detroit Risers for over 30 years is trying to work a deal to play another year and then move up to the front office, the Risers farm system is very young but with Steve’s background he may be the perfect fit for President of Player Development. Bingo Bango looks to be very active in the coming free agent free for all, and everyone ponders how long E3 can continue their recent dominance.
We do apologize to those of you that did not get the live feed of the meetings. We had a few problems with our server, but I’m sure all will be solved and we’ll be streaming live in no time! Or not!!! The agenda was rather long but here’s what we accomplished.
The dates for the Last Stoopball League of America World Championships will be July 21. Championship Week will begin on July 15, 2012 and run through July 22. We posted this back in July, but there were some concerns about changing it to another day. After long discussion at the Winter Meetings, it was decided to keep that date. I know some of you wanted the 14th, and others thought September 1 would work best but the owners voted and it will be JULY 21!!! Done and Done!!!
The concessions were contracted to Candlelight Catering, a division of the 605 Group. And they will have to deal with the contracts of Annette, Sarah, John, Sandy, Chris, et all. I think we’re OK with the money issues....luckily here in Wisconsin employees don’t get to bargain collectively so we just pay what we want.
The Campus improvement funds were approved as well. So we will finish the rebuilding of the backstops on all three fields, two new scoreboards, sand box expansion, and other updates to the facilities. Plus of course.....the best shitters you’ve ever seen!
The rules committee reported no changes to be made.
We did approve a new league to be formed! After much debate, we have agreed to institute The Farm /Family League. The beauty of this enterprise is that it will be completely underwritten by the Tohono O’odham Nation. (Details on this later.) The new league will serve as a farm system for the major league and most importantly, give an opportunity for families to share in our great game in a less stressful environment. (Did I write that???) For this to work we will need to have a minimum of 4 teams! The teams and games will be the same as the major league. So when you register for the day you will let the registrar know which league you will compete in. And we’ll take it from there. For example: Marisa, Aaron and Peter and Kievri and maybe one or two of their cousins form a team....the kids are not old enough to play in the majors so they’re in the ‘farm’ league. Perhaps UNEEK decides to play in the ‘farm’ league. Word has it that the Chicago Stoops will step into the ‘farm’ league and take Ella on as a team mate. So this is how we plan to set this up. The rules are pretty simple. No on can play in the major and farm league....this would present serious scheduling problems. However, kids can play in the kid’s league and ‘farm’ league without a problem. We want to thank Marissa and her sisters for keeping us on this plan. For the past few years she has continually lobbied for this new effort and we feel we can now make it work. This next year we ask for your patience with us in working out all the glitches. That is the general idea, as time gets close we will hope to make it all very clear and simple. Eddie has agreed to explain all this to us in the written form. Basically he will put in clear sentences what I’ve muddled up here.
And that about does it for now. Sorry we missed some of you this year. The Dinner was great and we created a great gingerbread village. A castle wih a moat AND a mall anchored by Macy’s and Sears, plus the grave yard, church pond and apartment building. Check the website for pictures. stoopball.ning.com
I’m thankful for all of you being part of my life!


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